Hip-Hop Music has experienced amazing transformations from its origins in the early 70s to its present state. It has birthed geniuses and raised legends, inspiring thought and action, positive or otherwise, in just about every listener. Careers have also been built over the decades and every day, a new star is born, off the strength of the culture.

As a result of the incredible flux in the fast-growing music industry and the diversity of the art form, new techniques are always in demand and with time it may be more easily forgotten, what the culture is all about. It’s only right then that there be established, a comprehensive and concise source for insight on hip-hop, in its various forms and dimensions, with a view to retain some of its core elements. Regardless of its constantly changing outlook, Hip-hop remains one and the same.

At Kolcha, we celebrate the various achievements innovations and vicissitudes which have molded Hip-Hop into the culture of the people. As a wise man once put it; “You know what’s gonna happen with Hip-hop? Whatever’s happening with us… WE ARE HIP-HOP, so Hip-hop’s going where we’re going.” And ours is a celebration of a culture born in the ghetto streets and perfected by common folk of all ethnicities and races not only for the entertainment, but for the education and empowerment of common folk of all races and ethnicities. This property of hip-hop has always set it apart as the expression of self for the elevation of self and not just another genre of music. Be it in the form of knowledge, intellect or spirituality, hip-hop must be reflected in its music, lest the culture wither and die.

With every review, editorial, analysis, quiz, news and interview, we bring you closer to the fore, improving your insight on hip-hop culture as we know it, while keeping you absolutely entertained with some of the dopest, mouth-watering content, on our exciting and highly interactive community. We hope to be the inspiration for that 25-dollar MC who’s one hit away from defining the new sound of the culture.

Peace & Much Love, from Us at Kolcha!

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